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The “Miracle on McClay"

Adopt-A-Family started in 1981 as one of the original Care Service programs was originally held on the site of our first official address.  Although the program's event is now so large it must now be held at the St. Charles Community College campus, it is still fondly referred to as the “Miracle on McClay."

A supplement to our integrated services, the Adopt-A-Family program assures that parents with children and the elderly will have Christmas by providing them with food and gifts and is available to those being provided assistance through other programs.

For the annual event, the Care Service coordinates the adoption of more than 350 families in need by neighbors, local organizations, social groups, churches, schools and businesses.  The process begins in the fall by signing up families who request to be adopted.  In October, we begin matching the families with those individuals and groups who wish to adopt them.

All families and adopters are matched by Thanksgiving and the event takes place over a three-day weekend in December.

Want to Adopt a Family?

If you choose to adopt a family, you will be provided with the first name of each family member as well as their age and wish list.  You will be asked to provide at least three gifts for each family member or as many as you would like in addition to that.  All gifts should be wrapped and individually marked with the name of the family member for whom it is intended.  You may choose the size of the family you wish to adopt, ranging in size from single persons to families of twelve.

You will also be asked to provide Christmas dinner, which should include a gift certificate for the dinner or a gift certificate for meat plus your choice of boxed side dishes that you think would make for a nice Christmas dinner. In addition, staple foods, paper products, cleaners, and personal care items are always in need if you have the means to provide them.  These suggestions are necessities that many of our families cannot purchase with food stamps and therefore go without.

For more information about adopting a family, please contact us beginning in mid-October at (636) 441-1302. Click here to adopt a family for the 2023 Adopt A Family Program.

Want to Help?

Donations & Financial Contributions

Financial contributions are accepted throughout the year. Donations may be dropped off Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm or mailed to 4116 McClay Road, St. Charles, MO 63304. Donations are also accepted online via this website. If you have questions about donations, please contact us at (636) 441-1302, ext. 300.


Become a Program Sponsor

Program sponsorships of our Adopt-A-Family program are available to corporations and local businesses. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a recognized voice in the fight against homelessness and hunger and to support the local communities where you do business.

To become a sponsor or make a monetary contribution, contact us at (636) 441-1302, ext. 263.

Adopt-a-Family Christmas gifts
Adopt-a-Family Christmas gifts

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